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The Place Des Heros in Arras is the centre of the town and where the people come to eat, to promenade, to chat, to market. It was totally rebuilt in its original style after being bombed in WW1. The people of Arras are indomitable because their beautiful Town was then invaded in WW2 and they again rose to live again.

Fantastic town and everyone has engaged with the Poppy which is being manned by UNICEF volunteers. The schools have come down, and visitors of all ages. We are expecting an influx of Canadians who have a huge commemoration on the afternoon of April 9 at Vimy Ridge which is comparable to ANZAC cover for Australians and New Zealanders.

Must say the French English conversations can get a little lost in translation whether ordering an omelette or explaining the Poppy.

And driving….well thats another story.

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